Surf School Peniche

Surf House Peniche surf school provides the best individual and group surf lessons with professional instructors and provides equipment for surfing in Peniche Baleal, the surf paradise of Portugal. Surf School in Baleal for all surfers coming to Peniche offers surf lessons and surf camps for anybody wishing to learn how to surf.

Surf Lessons

Are you a beginner in surf? It is better, safer, and recommended to catch your first waves with a surf instructor. This is the best way how to understand a bit of the ocean, how the waves break, how to catch them and the technique to actually surf the waves. Baleal in Peniche is one of the best spots for taking surf lessons and take part in a surf camp.
For those who are really about to learn how to surf we organize surf camps in Baleal lasting several days. Opt for a surf camp in Surf House Peniche and you will get intensive and effective surf schooling.

The lesson

The surf lesson in Peniche takes approximately 2 hours. Firstly, you will learn the most important things about surfing safety rules, how to behave in the water and respect other surfers. The surf instructors will teach you how to work with the surf board, where to enter to the water and exit from the waves. To start surfing you need to understand at least a little bit about the ocean conditions and about the surf rules. Our qualified instructors will answer all your doubts about surfing. Join the surf school and enjoy your surfing in Peniche for maximum.

The Techniques

You will learn the techniques for beginning your surf experience: how to paddle, catch the waves, stand up and surf. The surf instructor will help you in the water, give you a feedback and correct your position, technique and movement on the surf board. Thus you could enjoy maximum from the waves during your surf session.

The Equipment

For the surf lesson we provide proper surf equipment. The Surf House Peniche have for you a quality wetsuit according to the season and your size. Surf board according to your level of surf and ocean conditions. To develop your skills you can buy an advantageous pack of surf classes, which are tailored to your progression.The most progress you will feel if you pass with us a surf camp of 7 days surfing in Peniche. The surf camp is designed to improve your level of surfing with maximum efficiency during few days of intensive surf training.

Indivitual Attitude

In our surf camps and surf lessons we focus on individual attitude to each of you. Everybody is unique, with different figures, condition and surfing ambitions. That is why we organize group surf lessons with maximum 5 people per one surf instructor and you can take individual surf lesson, too. Our surf instructors go straight to the water with you and give you help and feedback at the moment. Even after the surf lesson is over, you can spend time with us and ask all the doubts you might have about your surfing. We can discuss all your questions in the beach bar or during the chill-out time in the Surf House Peniche. The surf instructor will give you tips for your training and preparation for your next surf session.


The main surf holidays season in Portugal begins in May and ends during October, but surfing is on all year round. If you are already a little bit more experienced surfer, there is the possibility of renting the surf material. Choose from different kind of surf boards according to your preferences.

The Surf House Peniche provides surf rental of various surf equipment for all surfing levels. No need to travel with your own surf gear or buying a new one. Rent the ideal surfboard according to your taste, abilities and ocean conditions. Choose from the following Peniche surf hire options.

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