Do you want to learn, improve or just the chance to surf the Atlantic? We have that one of a kind opportunity for you!
Adventure Riders provides surf trips from Coimbra to the best surf spots in Portugal. All you need is to choose the spot. You can have one surf day or a 2 to 5 days trip.

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Mondego descents

Kayak, Rio Mondego in Coimbra proves as a special opportunity to have a fun packed adventure day with your friends , family or partners. The river descent can take from 3 to 5 hours , depending on the number of stops and group speed. With small beaches along the banks, you can always stop for a swim , enjoy the view or have a snack provided by us.
(You can finish the day by the river beach and relax (15 minutes drive from Coimbra) or you can continue and stop in the center of Coimbra, by the Parque Verde, the citys main park.)

Adventure Riders also organizes evening river descents, especially in full moon nights.
Rafting with Adventure Riders is one of the best ways to appreciate the surrounding beauty of Coimbra and to have an active day or evening in Rio Mondego.

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Are you looking for even more fun in Coimbra? Do you want an extraordinary experience with friends or colleagues?
Adventure Riders organizes paintball games where you have the opportunity to choose an outdoor or indoor setup near Coimbra. We provide transport from the city and all necessary gaming gear. A paintball instructor will be on site for rule explaining and technical support.
Paintball is growing worldwide and Coimbra is no exception.
Adventure Riders gives you the opportunity to enjoy this game with friends and experience the thrill of the paintball field.

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Who never pictured themselves gliding in the snow on a snowboard? Whether you never fulfilled that wish or even if you are a seasoned snowboarder, this experience is for you!

We organize trips to Serra da Estrela, Spain and Andorra for snowboard and ski activities, which can, according to your needs, include snow instructors. Picture your dream trip, with the characters you may wish, we will guide you in that adventure.

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